Vitiligo Scars Birthmarks Cover Pen Professional White Spots Tattoo Concealer Herbal Plant Essence Skin Cover Pen Women And Men


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Brand Name: LEKGAVD


Origin: Mainland China

Formulation: Cream

Skin Type: All Skin Types


Size: Full Size

Benefit: Concealer

Quantity: 1 pc

Model Number: ATMC8C61

Type: Concealer

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Type: Vitiligo Scars Cover Pen

Type 1: Tattoo Concealer Liquid

Type 2: White Spots Concealer

Type 3: Concealer Birthmarks

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100% new quality
Applicable crowd: general
Skin type: general
Color: natural color
Advantages: light weight, easy to carry, soft and delicate brush head
Shelf life: 3 years
Package Included:1 *White spot concealer pen
Product Manual
This is NOT Tattoo Ink! It is for Concealing Vitiligo!This is a brown skin tone, suitable for people with yellow skin, but for people with dark skin, the color is not close after painting. We recommend not to use it.
Vitiligo Concealer is a long-lasting cosmetic application crafted specifically for sufferers of vitiligo. product composition enables vitiligo patients to cover loss of pigmentation in their skin with a cosmetic product that is safe, effective and most importantly, doesn`t wash or rub off during daily wear.
1.Dry fast -Usually within 1 minute
2.Designed to last for several days-It is sweat, smudge and water resistant after 4-6 hours of smearing.Please keep dry within the 4 hours.
3.Gentle-Look your best without irritating your skin.
4.Stress free-Enjoy the stress-free life. Once applied feels and looks just like your skin. it dries quickly. That means you can apply it before you go out, and then stop thinking about it.
5.Portable and convenient-It is very small, you can put it in your pocket and take it to anyway you will go.
6.Mess-free precision applicator for spots of all sizes
Use Method :
Vitiligo Covering Pen works best on clean and dry skin. You shall remove all makeup, lotions, oils or moisturizers before using the pen.
Tip: Wash the Vitiligo spot with soap before applying, wait for the skin to dry naturally or dry it with a hair dryer.
the pen works best with even light strokes,apply gently onto discolored areas,don’t apply heavy pressure directly onto the tip.Please do not smear too much on the border of Vitiligo spot and normal skin,otherwise it won’t be close to the normal skin color.
It is recommended to use it 20-30 minutes before going to bed.
Be sure to pay attention to the principle of proper amount when applying, if too much, due to the fluidity of the liquid and the capillary action of the skin folds, the coloration will be uneven.
Try it out in a less obvious place first to find a color that suits you. When applying it, try to apply a small area as much as possible. After 8 hours, compare the resulting color. If it feels lighter, you can add it once in the formal application.
At the beginning, you still need to look for more skills, because everyone’s skin tone and absorption effect are different, try a few more times to get the best effect. Don’t just apply it incorrectly once, and it will not have good results. Just gave up.

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