Tube Replacement Electrodes for High Frequency Mushroom Glass Tube Facial Wand Skin Care Ance Spot Wrinkle Removal Anti-Aging


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Brand Name: Cxenog


Origin: Mainland China

Power Source: Electric

Material: Fiberglass

Size: as shown

Working Principle: RF

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Standard Voltage: 110V

Certification: CE

Power Source: us

Power Source: EU

Power Source: UK

Power Source: AU

Place of Origin: China

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Skin Rejuvenation

Function: Skin Tightening

Model Number: 1 blue red purple light

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Type: Face Washing Brush

name: High Frequency Electrotherapy Beauty Instrument

Function: Spot Remover, Heal Scars, Sterilize BacteriaItem

type 1: High Frequency Electrode Glass Tube

type 2: Handheld High Frequency Facial Machine

type 3: Neon gas wand

type 4: Portable Skin Tightening Wand

type 6: Skin Care Tighting

type 7: Facial Beauty Machine

type 8: Face Washing BrushItem

type 9: removes scars

type 10: High Frequency Electrotherapy Beauty Instrument

type 11: Hair Care Machine Device HOME SPA

type 12: Skin Care Wand for Dark Circles

13: high frequency facial wand

14: Electrotherapy Device

15: skincare Machine Device HOME SPA

16: electric violet wand

(code 398)


About high frequency electrotherapy beauty instrument

I. Working Principle

High-frequency electrotherapy beauty instrument electrotherapy tube is filled with Neon/Argon rare gas, which acts on the skin after being energized to produce high-frequency current, this high-frequency current can enhance the basal activity of the skin, improve the texture of the skin, and enhance the defense ability of the skin against bacteria. And due to the formation of ozone, it can effectively sterilize and disinfect, while accelerating skin metabolism, promoting skin secretion of excess oil, balancing oil and moisture, and keeping the skin clean. At the same time the product improves the elasticity of the skin through vibration, so that the skin is tighter, not easy to be propped up, the face has an effective lifting effect. And the beauty instrument and skin contact with a slight heat sensation, can make the nerve excitement value reduced, to achieve a calming effect on the nerves and pain relief. Comb type electric therapy tube through the vibration with the scalp and hair follicles, can effectively stimulate the hair follicles, promote hair growth.

II. Main functions

1. Acne, remove acne and red blood cells

2. Detoxification, improve the activity of lymph

3. Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism

4. Tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, anti-aging

5. Calm nerves and analgesia

6. Produce ozone sterilization, heal wounds, inhibit inflammation

7. Anti-hair loss and growth

III. Red light, blue light, violet light role difference

Red light – mainly on aging skin, can promote blood circulation, promote cell metabolism, remove acne marks acne

Violet light – can sterilize and disinfect the skin, the effect of anti-inflammatory

Blue light – remove sun spots and red blood on the face

IV. How to use

1. Clean and dry the skin

2. Dry skin can apply some essential oils on the face for lubrication, oil skin can be used directly

3. Make a massage on the face

4. Apply the high frequency electrotherapy device to the face, do not stay for 10 seconds on one part

5. Apply skin care products after completion

V. Precautions

1. Sensitive skin, please cover a piece of gauze to avoid over-stimulation

2. Do not place in a part for more than 10 seconds

3. Pregnant women and people with pacemakers are not suitable for this treatment

4. Please make sure to install the glass tube to the handle before turning on the machine.

5. Skin with freckles and splashes is not suitable for this treatment

VI. Package contents

1. 1*Mushroom type high frequency electrotherapy tube

Tips: The instrument generates high-frequency current through the glass electrode tube. When using, the skin will touch the tubes to produce a zipping current. The skin will have a slight sense of current, the current is within the safe range. Please feel free to use it. If you are afraid of the sense of current, it is recommended to let the electrode tube in contact with the skin before opening, and then open the instrument, which can reduce the sense of current. As it is a new product, the gas inside the glass tube is not active, the glass tube will be dormant, then you need to use the glass tube that will be luminous after energized to touch the other glass tube that is not luminous, so that it will be activated.

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Red Electrode, Violet Electrode, Blue Electrode


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