Rechargeable Nail Drill Machine


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Product name: Nail drill machine

Model number: LIARTY-022
Material: Aluminum alloy (body+handpiece)

Speed: 0-35000RPM
Rated voltage: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Power: 24W
Power supply: 5V/2A
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
Charging time: 2.5H
Using time: 6-8H

Product Include
1* Main Machine
1* Handpiece
1 set* Nail Drill Bit
1* Type-C Cable
1* Back Clip
1* User Manual
1* Box




1. Multifunctional polisher.As the perfect companion of nails, it can be used for nails prep, acrylic nails, gel nails, dip powder nails, thick nails, manicure & pedicure, callus removal, routing, polishing, etc..
2. Upgrade polishing experience. High speed motor ,high quality bearings are integrated to produce up to 35000 RPM with minimized heat, noise and vibration It can make the machine body more stable and durable.
3. Fast nail removal – No slowdown. High-precision technology, after strict debugging, to ensure that each accessory is a high degree of fit. So that when removing the hard rubber, there is no slowdown and no jamming, and the nail removal is stable and fast.
4. 0.33mm Ultra-precision. Fine debugging of professionals, the precision of the handle up to 0.03mm, to ensure that each part can be highly fit, to achieve lower noise, less vibration, so that when you polish, hands do not shake not numb.
5. Super Long Life. With high-quality motors and bearings, life up to 1000 hours. Special increase  dust-proof design, to prevent dust from entering the handpiece inside, resulting in heat, vibration and increased resistance, greatly improving service life.
6. Locked-rotor protection. Special intelligent detection, it will auto-stop when it fails to prevent damage to the machine and handpiece.
7. Wireless use. Built-in 4000mAh large battery, long life, you can enjoy manicure. Charging time 2.5 hours, use time 6-8 hours.
8. Multifunctional back clip. The back clip can be clipped on the pocket or removed and placed on table smoothly without moving, easy to adjust and see the display. Meet different manicure needs.
9. The best choice for a gift. Aluminum alloy body and handle, surface with ice flower elements, texture and fashion coexist, so that your whole nail process is so beautiful.


How to Replace A Bit
1. Rotate clockwise and after a “click” sound then remove the bit
2. Insert replacement drill bit
3. Rotate counterclockwise “click” a sound represents the locking


How to use
1. Connect the handle and install the appropriate drill bit
2. Start the power switch
3. Rotate the speed regulating button to adjust the speed
4. Lightly press the top of the knob to adjust the F/R


1. Before use, please turn off the machine, insert the grinding head into the front chuck of the handle and make sure it is locked, then turn on the machine,otherwise it will burn the handle!
2. During use, the handle must be installed with the sanding head, and cannot be idle, otherwise it will damage the handle.
3. After use, the dust should be cleaned up in time to avoid dust accumulation inside the machine for a long time, which will affect the use performance.
4. Please do not drop the handle.
5. To ensure safety, please keep away from children.

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