Fast-Acting Organic Black Hair Dye Shampoo


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250ml Fast Black Hair Dyed Shampoo Organic Natural Mild Plant Essence Repair Dye Shampoo For Hair Cover Gray White Dropshipping




1. Natural and mild plant extract will strengthen the hair fibers from inside to out and deeply nourish your scalp with effective hair repair effect, leaving your hair shiny, soft and smooth without any side effect, anti-allergic and non-irritating to avoid causing any stimulation or damage to your hair.

2. Easy to operate for instant black hair dye, just wear the gloves, squeeze the shampoo on wet hair and rub for a few minutes, and finally clean with water, just like using the normal shampoo.

3. Time saving and cost saving to cover the white or gray hair naturally for long lasting hair dyeing effect, no need to go to the hair salon frequently.





Formula: Plant Extract

Dye Color: Natural Black

Net Content: 250ml




1.If this product gets into your eyes accidentally, please rinse with water immediately.

2.Please apply some amount of this product behind the ear for an allergy test. If after 24 hours no adverse reaction such as redness, swelling, aching or itching is shown, it can be used.

3.Pregnant women and children are FORBIDDEN to use this product.



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1* Black Hair Dye Shampoo


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