Dramatic 25mm Mink Lashes


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Our product is a 25mm 8 pairs of eyelashes. Our eyelashes are fluffy and soft with a 3D dramatic effect. Wearing our eyelashes can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive, suitable for various occasions (such as: daily travel, parties, outings)

Order notice:
1. There are many popular styles of our eyelashes, and each style has a unique style, so check the style you choose and the receipt information before every buyer orders. So as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings

2.4DL-029 / 4DL-031 / 4DL032 The actual length of these three styles is 20-22mm, so please choose carefully for your buyers.

3. Because we are a supplier, we provide wholesale prices, logo customization and dropshing. If you have any intention of cooperation, you can contact us

4. Because we are a new store, we provide special preferential prices. You can also receive a lot of exclusive coupons and exclusive discounts if you follow the store.




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