BOZLIN 15ML Nail-Primer Fast Air Dry Dehydrator Nail Polish Soak Off Nail Art Design No Need UV LED Lacquer Varnish


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Brand Name: BOZLIN


Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Ingredient: resin

Volume: 15ml

Model Number: Dehydrator And Primer

Quantity: 1 pcs

NET WT: 15ml

Type: Gel Polish

Gel Nail Polish Type: Dehydrator And Primer

Certification: MSDS SGS GMP

Gel Nails Quality: High Standard

Application: Nail Art Beauty

Color: Transparent

Smell: Ordless

Usage: Nail Art DIY

Item Type: Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish Type: 15ml Dehydrator

Gel Nail Polish Type 2: 15ml Primer

Application: basic step for baeutify nails

Drying: No need lamp,dry in air

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BOZLIN Fast Air Dry Primer Dehydrator Nail Art Acrylic No-acid 15ML Primer Base Coat Color Nail Polishes Gel Lacquer Varnish


①Brand Name: BOZLIN
Name: Nail Dehydrator
Volume: 15 ml
Color: Clear
Note: Air dry
Used For: Cleaning nail surface and removing nail oil

②Brand Name: BOZLIN
Name: Nail Primer
Volume: Clear
Note: Air dry
Used For: Bonding nail and UV gel
-Light smell, we apply only organic texture to protect your health.


1.Long-lasting: BOZLIN nail pre dehydrator and Nail- can last for 30 days.

2.Quick dry: No need to cure, it can dry within 10 seconds.

3.Antibacterial breeding: Prevents the growth of bacteria Increase adhesion: Increases the adhesion of the nail polish on the nail surface.

4.Free grinding: With no need to grind, it will not harm your nails and the process will finish quickly.

Professional usage:

1. Apply BOZLIN Nail Prep Dehydrator
2. Apply BOZLINE Nail-primer,air dry
3. Apply base gel and cure it
4. Apply color gel you like and cure it
5. Apply Top Coat and cure it
6. Accomplish

Two Steps to remove:

• Soak nails in a glass bowl filled with a small amount of acetone, or wrap each nail in cotton pad soaked with acetone for around 5 to 10 minutes.
• Product will start to become soft and you can gently file it away or slide it off using a small wooden stick.


1.-The net weight is 15ML. But the capacity of the bottle is more than 15ML.Gel will not be fully filled in the bottle!
2.-Keep tightly sealed, keep out of sunlight, keep out of reach of children.

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