Aimoosi Color Fixing Agent Locking For Eyebrow Lips Eyeliner Professional Tattoo Microblading Semi Permanent Makeup Supplies


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Brand Name: Aimoosi


Origin: Mainland China

Type: Tattoo Ink

Model Number: 1pcs /lot

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Item Name: Goochie Permanent Makeup Fixing Agent

Material: Natural Herbal

Capacity: 15ml/Bottle

Packing: 1 bottles

Function: Lock the Color

Use For: Permanent Tattoo Makeup

Condition: New

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Aimoosi international lasting cosmetics brand was founded in 2015 by Guangzhou Xiufangyuan beauty equipment Co.,Ltd.
The is headquartered in Guangzhou, China.
Aimoosi brand focuses on medical safety cosmetic products. It is an international cosmetic brand with medical safety qualification.
Product positioning in the global high-end cosmetic market, all products by Europe and the United States imported raw materials.
Aimoosi brand agents throughout the country 22 provinces and cities.
As well as Taiwan, Hongkong, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Britain, Portugal, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.
The year sales have exceeded 60 million.



Function: Effectively maintain pigmentation in the epidermis,Fix color, tighten lines and prevent discoloration.

Method 1:
During the operation ,It can be used in combination with other pigments.
Drop 1 drops or 2 drops into the pigment to mix and operation.
Method 2:
After the operation,Dipped in liquid with a cotton swab,Wipe back and forth several times in the operating area to reaches the tightening lines, fixes pigments and prevents discoloration.


1. Natural, material with herbal, no harm to body.

2. Professional permanent makeup accessories, soften the skin to let the color in easily.

3. Lock the color, speed up the color to be absorbed.

4. Keep the skin wet during the operation.

Packing: 15ml/ pcs,1 bottle in a package



Use it during or after the embroideryoperation,and drip the

decorative part 1-2 drops is enough.For example:just after the eyebrow operation,apply it once And then apply 1-2 drops of color on the evebrows for 5 minutes With.



If the force is too light or too heavy during

operation The color is poorand the strength control is based on the failure to producetissue

fluid can applycolor fixative during operation

Quickly repair wound,eliminate redness and swelling,fix color and lock color.




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